If you’re already using an application such as Office 365, SharePoint, WordPress, Sugar, or Oracle Sales Cloud, then you can quickly integrate document viewing and collaboration tools. You’ll need a licensing key, which you can get here, to use these plugins in a production environment.

Office 365

PrizmDoc for Office 365 eliminates the need to download document files or install additional plugins or native software on client devices. PrizmDoc for Office 365 is the only viewer you need to view and preview non-Microsoft file types on any desktop or mobile device. Rendition functionality lets you convert and merge multiple file types into PDF format.

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Add document viewing to your SharePoint environment easily with PrizmDoc for SharePoint. Control who can download and print documents. View dozens of file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, CAD, images, and more!

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Extend your WordPress capabilities with embedded document viewing and image compression. PrizmDoc Reader for WordPress, our HTML viewer, allows you to display dozens of document and image file types within your application. Prizm Image reduces the size of your images without compromising the resolution or quality.

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Our responsive HTML5 document viewer easily integrates into your Sugar application, allowing you to display dozens of document and image file types from within the browser—no downloading required. Use the module to view, redact, search, and sign your Sugar attachments.

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Oracle Sales Cloud

View documents attached to your sales opportunities in Oracle Sales Cloud using our responsive HTML5 document viewer. Send out proposals to customers, sign documents, and redact sensitive information right in the browser.

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