HTML5 Document Viewer & Processing Suite

PrizmDoc helps you streamline document management processes by allowing you to add viewing, redaction, annotation, conversion, and other services to your applications using our powerful RESTful APIs.

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Powerful functionality

Get the features you need to build the solutions that are right for you and your clients. From viewing and search to collaborating and sharing, our features integrate seamlessly into your current applications.

Flexible hosting

Whether you want to manage your own server environment or leave that to us, Accusoft has you covered. You can choose between self-hosted or cloud-hosted PrizmDoc options depending on your needs and preferred setup.

Complete versatility

PrizmDoc supports dozens of file types and is compatible with virtually any platform and language. Our extensive RESTful APIs give you control over many features, allowing you to customize the look and functionality to meet your application’s needs.

Trusted security

Accusoft has your data security in mind. We utilize AES-256 encryption in order to secure your content during all stages of the process – from uploading to storing and downloading.

  • Document Viewing  
  • Advanced Search  
  • Annotation  
  • Redaction  
  • Headers & Footers  
  • Document Signing  
  • Template-Based Forms  
  • Watermarking API  
  • Conversion API  
  • OCR API  
  • Image Compression API  
  • Barcode API  
  • API Connect  
  • File Manager/Cloud Storage  
  • Annual Support  
PrizmDoc Self-Hosted

Document Viewing, Advanced Search, Annotation, Redaction, Headers & Footers, Document Signing, Template-Based Forms, Watermarking API, Conversion API, Annual Support

  • Available add-on
  • Available add-on
  • Available add-on

PrizmDoc Cloud-Hosted

All of the PrizmDoc Self-Hosted features plus Conversion API, OCR API, Image Compression API, Barcode API, API Connect, File Manager and Document Storage, Annual Support

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PrizmDoc Product Demo

Use the PrizmDoc demo below to see how easy it is to search, annotate, redact, and electronically sign documents.

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