HTML5 Document Viewer & Imaging Suite

Use PrizmDoc to add high-quality document viewing and imaging to your application. Designed to be supported on virtually any platform and language, the viewer is customizable and handles a wide range of document, raster, and vector file formats.

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Tools that work with your preferred web framework


HTML5 Document Viewing & Annotation Tools

PrizmDoc is built with developers in mind. With just a few lines of code, you can embed the viewer into your web application, giving your customers access to a robust set of collaboration and markup tools.

  • Document viewer
  • Advanced search
  • Annotation
  • Redaction
  • Header & footer metadata
  • Document signing
  • Template-based forms
  • File manager

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Powerful Imaging REST APIs

PrizmDoc REST APIs give you complete control, allowing you to customize and extend the viewer functionality within your application.

  • Watermarking API
  • Conversion API
  • Image compression API*
  • OCR API*

*Available as an add-on for PrizmDoc self-hosted.

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PrizmDoc Product Demo

Use the PrizmDoc demo below to see how easy it is to search, annotate, redact, and electronically sign documents.

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