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$289 / mo

12,000 transactions per month

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Annual Cost: $3,468


Our best value, save a year compared to our monthly plan when billed annually.

$249 / mo

12,000 transactions per month

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Annual Cost: $2,988


Unsure how many transactions you will use every month? Pay as you go with transactions that do not expire.* Learn how you can add a prepaid plan to your subscription for overage protection.


12,000 total transactions

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a trial offer?

PrizmDoc Cloud offers 300 free transactions, allowing you to test out our API capabilities. Once you have reached the transaction limit, we offer different prepaid and subscription plans. You can completely customize the plans, scaling them to fit your needs.

What exactly is a transaction?

A transaction is defined as a document viewed, document converted, document OCR function performed, form detected, or image compressed.

Which payment methods are available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners, and JCB.

If you are needing a different payment method, please contact us.

What happens if I go over my monthly subscription transactions? Can I combine prepaid packages and subscriptions?

Yes! This allows the prepaid plan to fill in gaps when you go over your transactions limit before the end of the month. Your account will use the transactions allotted from the subscription first, then draw from the prepaid bucket as needed, using those transactions until the subscription plan renews. Any leftover prepaid transactions will remain in your account, ready to be used the next time your account goes over the purchased subscription level. Once your account has used all the prepaid transactions, it will automatically repurchase at the same prepaid level. Email notifications will be sent out to advise you of upcoming charges to your account.

When can I change/cancel my prepaid or subscription?

You can cancel your prepaid or subscription plan at any time. There is no minimum term. You can also increase to a higher prepaid or subscription plan at any time; you will be billed a prorated amount and the new plan will be effective immediately. If you downgrade your plan, the new plan will not take effect until after your current prepaid transactions are used or at the start of your next monthly subscription service.

Do you offer bigger plans?

If you anticipate needing a higher transaction volume, contact us and we can create a custom plan for you.

What happens when the trial transactions are all used?

As you approach your transactions limit, you will receive a series of emails letting you know how close your account is to the end of the trial. Once all 300 transactions have been used, you will need to purchase either a prepaid or subscription plan.

Is there a functional difference between prepaid and subscription plans?

There is no difference in PrizmDoc features between the prepaid and subscription plans. You have access to all of the same API options and functionality within PrizmDoc.

What is the difference between prepaid and subscription?

The prepaid plan purchases a specific amount of transactions that do not expire. So you can buy the transactions and use them whenever you like ("pay as you go"). This means maximum flexibility without any risk for you! Once the prepaid transactions are used, your account will automatically repurchase at the same prepaid level you set. Thus, your account will never run out of transactions.

Our subscription plans, by contrast, charge you for a fixed amount of transactions for the month. Transactions that are not used expire at the end of the month.

Choosing between these two payment models depends on your personal usage. Prepaid packages are more flexible, whereas subscriptions are generally cheaper if you know how many transactions you need per month.

Can I opt-out of the auto-renew for the pre-paid bucket?

You can opt out of the automatic renewal process; however, once you have used all the allotted transactions your account will be deactivated. You will need to log in and purchase a new plan to get your account reinstated.

Can I see how many transactions I have used?

Yes, you are able to view your transaction balance, current plan information, and make changes to your plan in the Cloud Portal.

Open Source Software

This product utilizes the following open source packages: Material Components Web - LICENSE.

Further questions?

If you have any questions or need to discuss to your individual needs, please contact us!

For customers who want to use their own servers to integrate PrizmDoc into their company’s internal systems or include it in their software products, which are sold and distributed to users on an ongoing subscription basis.

PrizmDoc Self-Hosted

1-4 servers*

$7,400/annually per server

MSO Conversion and Form Conversion are available as add-ons.

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PrizmDoc Self-Hosted

5-9 servers*

$6,400/annually per server

MSO Conversion and Form Conversion are available as add-ons.

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PrizmDoc Self-Hosted

10 + servers*

Contract Rate

MSO Conversion and Form Conversion are available as add-ons.

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Special discount pricing available for non-profit groups, educational institutions, or service organizations who qualify. Contact us for details.

* Server is defined as equivalent to AWS m4.xlarge instances with 4 vCPUs per server:

By clicking Pay with Credit Card or Request Invoice you agree to the terms in the SLA.


For companies that want to include PrizmDoc in their software products, which are sold and distributed to users for a one-time license fee.

Contract Rate

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(support and upgrades, 20% annually)