PrizmDoc Reader

View dozens of file types within a browser without the need to download additional applications. Easily add document viewing and search to your web applications using only HTML5 standard technologies. Create a trial PrizmDoc Reader account, which gives you up to 100 free transactions per month.

Get started with PrizmDoc Reader

Configure PrizmDoc Reader Cloud-Hosted

This configurator tool will generate the iframe, JavaScript, or PHP code you need to embed the reader into your application or website. To get started, click on the ‘get viewer code’ button and create your account.


Yes, to replace the logo all you need to do is set a value for the “logoimage”.

Here is the sample code to use your own image:

Using the PrizmDoc Reader Wizard, you can define the height and width of the viewer. To configure the reader to be responsive, click on Step 2, then set the height and width to 100%. This will make the reader fill 100% of the DIV, so as long as your template is responsive, the reader will scale automatically with the template.

In order to display documents that are stored behind a firewall, you would need to upgrade to the full PrizmDoc product and configure it accordingly. PrizmDoc Reader does not provide this functionality.

An easier question might be, “What file types can I NOT display through PrizmDoc Reader?” PrizmDoc Reader can display hundreds of file types, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and AutoCAD.

PrizmDoc Reader is ad-free and remains free to use provided you stay under 100 page views per month. If your reader starts getting more than 100 page views per month, we reserve the right to display ads. The paid edition adds more views per month and higher file size limits.

Accusoft does not store PrizmDoc Reader documents on our servers. When your viewer session is initiated, a copy will be temporarily uploaded and converted for rendering in the viewer. Our server will save a cached version for a short period of time.

PrizmDoc Reader supports hundreds of file formats ensuring that you will be able to show whatever you have, without having to convert it to another format first and risk degrading its quality. Also, most other cloud-based viewers require you to upload your file to their server. PrizmDoc Reader lets you keep the file on your own server, or in a cloud-based storage service, like Dropbox.

PrizmDoc Reader and SlideShare do some of the same things. While both enable you to create a slideshow on your website or blog, SlideShare can only display a handful of file formats. PrizmDoc Reader is far more versatile, enabling you to display hundreds of different file types. It also gives you more ways to customize the viewer, and offers an easy form for customizing the basic look and feel of the viewer without writing code!

Yes! You can use our PrizmDoc Wizard to customize the appearance of the viewer, including size and color.

Whenever you create a link to a document, you’ll see a form on which you can choose Yes or No for “Print Button.” If you choose No, the print button does not appear on the viewer, and visitors cannot print your document from the viewer.

PrizmDoc Reader provides an easy way to display almost any document or image file on a website, in a blog post, or anywhere else you can create a link. This empowers you to show something in your website or blog that isn’t HTML content. For example, you can display a PowerPoint slideshow or a PDF document on your website.

Ordinarily, if you just link to an external file from your website, your visitors would have to have the right program in order to see the file. Because PrizmDoc Reader can display hundreds of different file types, you don’t have to worry about whether your visitors have the right program to display your file. So, have fun with displaying multiple file types on your website from a Microsoft Office document, a CAD/CAM drawing, a Photoshop file, and much more! Anyone using a browser with HTML5 support can see your document—even mobile device users.

Step 1: Open PrizmDoc Wizard, above.
Step 2: Customize the reader to your liking.
Step 3: Set up an account.
Step 4: Copy and paste the code into your site.

{"errorCode":"Unauthorized"} may appear if your account is registered with EU and you are using the US servers, or vice-versa. Within your code, you will need to replace instances of with to access the same services in your area.