Secure Document Viewing for ECM Applications

PrizmDoc® for Java Feature:
Document Creation & Manipulation

Formerly VirtualViewer®

Document Creation/Manipulation

  • Modify or Create Documents:  Users can modify virtual documents to create new versions or renditions while preserving the originals and they can also create documents on-the-fly while saving versions back to the repository.
  • Merge Pages:  Combine multiple documents into a single document. The source documents can be the same type or different formats.  For example, select pages from a PDF source file and a Word document source file and create a new document. ​
  • Existing Pages:  Use pages from a collection of files by selecting the desired pages in the thumbnail pane and simply copy them to a new window.
  • Create Documents:   Use the Page Manipulation menu, contextual menu or the drag-and-drop functionality to create a new document.
  • Drag & Drop:  Move individual or multiple pages from a document into a new or existing document by simply dragging the thumbnail(s) into the desired tab, simplifying document manipulation and creation.
  • Split Documents:  Modify documents into two or more new documents.
  • Reorganize a Document:  Add pages to a document, re-order pages within a document, delete pages from an existing document
  • Crop Page Selection:  Select a specific portion of a page using a rectangle tool to crop out the rest of the page. The cropped portion outside of the selected area is deleted from the page and the selected area can be saved out using save as or export.


Document Viewing