Secure Document Viewing for ECM Applications

PrizmDoc® for Java Feature:
User Interface (UI)

Formerly VirtualViewer®

Configurable User Interface (UI)

  • User Preferences:  Administrators also have the ability to customize the appearance and features/functions of the viewer for users by simply selecting and turning options on or off in the UI preferences menu. If users have the permission levels they can show/hide menu options and features within the viewer to customize the appearance of the viewer for their needs using a simple selection menu.
  • Viewer Appearance:  PrizmDoc® for Java can be embedded within an HTML page to offer additional controls to the user or operate in a separate window
  • International Language Capabilities:  Easy UI localization and support for double-byte annotations enables text notes, rubber stamps and sticky notes to be displayed in any language, allowing a single deployment of PrizmDoc® for Java to address the needs of an organization’s entire globally distributed user base. Menu items can be easily modified for language or special requirements.


User Access