Secure Document Viewing for ECM Applications

PrizmDoc® for Java Feature:
Full Thumbnail Panel

Formerly VirtualViewer®

Thumbnail Options

Working on documents with large page counts can be cumbersome to navigate when you only have access to a few thumbnails at a time. PrizmDoc® for Java helps you process large documents more quickly using the thumbnail panel.

  • Page Rotation Sync:  When you rotate a page in a document from portrait to landscape or vice versa, the corresponding thumbnail image will now match the same orientation as the active document page.
  • Full Panel View:  Expand your thumbnail view to easily see more pages. Users can select the “thumbnail grid toggle” to activate a full panel view of the thumbnails. The panel opens as a full tab within the viewer. While in the full panel view, users still have full functionality to modify and manipulate the document including the ability to select a thumbnail page and quickly drag and drop, cut, copy and paste all while in the thumbnail view.
  • Left or Right Panel Display:  Configure where the thumbnail panel appears, either on the left or right side of the viewer.
  • Thumbnail Size Options:  Users can increase the size of the thumbnails so that they appear larger on the screen for their viewing comfort by activating the “larger view” toggle while in the larger screen.


Full Thumbnail Panel