Secure Document Viewing for ECM Applications

PrizmDoc® for Java Feature:
Annotate & Collaborate

Formerly VirtualViewer®

Annotate & Collaborate

Simplify your workflow and collaboration with annotation tagging, thumbnail markers, navigation and commenting capabilities.

  • Annotate All Formats in the Document Viewer:  Add document annotations or image annotations to any document or image format supported by our viewer including AFP, MS Office, ODT, PDF/A, PDF, TIFF, and more.
  • Support a Variety of Annotations:  Rubber stamps, redaction capabilities, highlighting, “sticky notes”, and more.
  • Search and Extract Annotation Information:  XML format enables quick searching and extraction of information contained within the document annotation, tags, or notes.
  • Annotation Commenting:  Users can communicate about a specific part of the document by commenting on existing annotations. Date, time of the comment, and the commenter’s name are also listed.
  • Annotation Tagging:  Users can assign a tag (e.g. “Social Security Number”) to each individual annotation to indicate to other users why the annotation was placed on the page.
  • Enhanced Annotation Display:  The viewer displays user information on each annotation, including the date and time stamp for when the annotation was made.
  • Annotation Indicators and Navigation:  Indicators ensure more efficient collaboration as users can navigate through only the annotated pages of a document, skipping pages with no annotations or stamps.
  • Store Annotations as Separate Objects:  Enables document annotation or image annotation capabilities to be based on user permission levels set up by the administrator.
  • Ability to “Burn In” Annotations:  Create final, “branded” versions of the document in vector format with selected annotations for use in external applications.
  • Consolidate Annotation Layers:  Consolidate all annotation layers of a document into a single layer so all annotations can be easily viewed.
  • Third Party Annotation Support:  View existing FileNet and IGC/Brava annotations.
  • Manage Annotations:  Manage and modify document annotations or image annotations easily with the Annotations Properties Pane.


Annotate and Collaborate