Secure Document Viewing for ECM Applications

PrizmDoc® for Java Feature:
Multiple Document Support

Formerly VirtualViewer®

Multiple Document Support

  • Sophisticated Thumbnail and Tabbed Window Support:  Our document and image viewer streamline document processing and increases productivity by putting control back in the end-user’s hands, especially with large and complex files.
  • Bookmarks:  Streamline navigation within documents with the ability to create text bookmarks on pages via the thumbnail panel and also jump to a desired page via a bookmarks list.
  • Increase Productivity:  Enable users to preview thumbnails of each document page and easily toggle between open documents in the viewer users are able to streamline document processing. Administrator configuration permits viewing of frequently-used files or other criteria, including department, user-group, folder, repository, and more.
  • Save Time and Bandwidth:  Multiple thumbnail views in the document viewer provides the option to display ONLY the first page of each document or to show ALL of pages contained in each document.
  • Navigate Files Instantly:  Tabbed windows allow multiple documents to be open simultaneously within the same viewer to streamline document processing. The thumbnails correspond to the tabbed windows so that when a user navigates by either the thumbnail or the tabbed window the view will change to highlight the corresponding tab/thumbnail selection.
  • Simplify Document Creation:  Quickly drag and drop pages to a new window or tab. Easily delete and/or re-order pages by selecting a range of pages in the thumbnail panel using the standard CTRL/ SHIFT method or by using a contextual right-click menu, for quick and easy document creation.
  • Provide Immediate Access to Critical Content:  Create virtual documents which incorporate frequently viewed pages, drawn from multiple sources, into a single virtual file to enable rapid access to specific and routinely viewed content to streamline document processing.


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