Secure Document Viewing for ECM Applications

PrizmDoc® for Java Feature:
True Secure Redaction

Formerly VirtualViewer®

True Secure Document Redaction

  • Simplified Redaction Management:  Users can quickly and easily secure sensitive documents by applying true redactions to any document or image with right-click menu options.
  • Redact ANY Format:  Redact all file formats supported by our viewer including: Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, TIFF, and more.
  • Redact On-The-Fly:  The redaction can be applied to the file at the time it is retrieved for viewing based on the user permission level.
  • Preserve Original Content:  Using our image redaction tools the original file is never altered, ensuring that the data is preserved.
  • Ensure Compliance with Corporate Regulations and Security Standards:  Help adhere to the permission scheme set up within the repository with document redaction and image redaction to help ensure regulatory standards are met.
  • Batch Redaction Tagging:  Tag an entire batch of redacted search results at the same time, rather than having to individually tag each redaction, expediting the workflow process.