Invert 2 of 5 Barcodes

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Invert 2 of 5

Inverted 2 of 5 is a rarely-used variant of the Industrial 2 of 5 format. Similar to the Code 2 of 5 symbology, this barcode encodes information using 2 wide and 3 narrow elements. Unlike other barcode types, however, Inverted 2 of 5 encodes information in spaces rather than bars. Except for the start and stop symbols, all bars are the same width. This barcode can only contain numeric characters 0-9.


The Inverted 2 of 5 barcode contains five key elements:

  • A leading quiet zone, typically 10x the width of a narrow bar.
  • The start bar, which is taller than the spaces and bars used to encode and define digits.
  • All encoded digits in wide and narrow spaces.
  • The stop bar, which is also taller than other spaces and bars.
  • A trailing quiet zone.

Many Inverted 2 of 5 barcodes also contain human-readable text below the barcode itself.

Common Use Cases

Inverted 2 of 5 barcodes are rarely used, since other 2 of 5 formats are generally easier to print, simpler to read, and more reliable. While there is some limited industrial application for this barcode, it is extremely uncommon.

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