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The Personalized Productivity of PrizmDoc Editor

PrizmDoc Editor in use

Collaboration should empower organizations. According to a recent McKinsey & Company report, collaboration tools should “improve productivity by 20 to 30 percent.” The ultimate goal? Driving digital transition by allowing employees to work when they want, how they want, and where they want — together.

The reality? Ask your employees. Ask about the multiple document collaboration and management applications they cycle through just to get their work done. Ask about frustrations with incompatible formats, lack of support, and missing features.

So what’s the disconnect? It all comes down to context. Many current-gen collaboration tools force users to operate outside their normal workflow, killing the contextual awareness and integration that comes with familiar in-house applications. At Accusoft, we’ve leveraged our API and SDK expertise to create a document collaboration tool that integrates into your application, PrizmDoc Editor.


Work Where You Live

Employees spend the bulk of their time collaborating in your CMS, CRM, or project management platform. It’s what you’ve trained them to do — they get a direct line to mission-critical data and services while you gain system visibility, file security, and the ability to easily audit usage.

But access to secure document editing often requires staff to go outside preferred applications and leverage third-party collaboration tools. Lack of user familiarity combined with limited app interoperability conspires to curtail productivity.

PrizmDoc Editor lets you work where you live. Integrate PrizmDoc with any platform or language and empower internal CMS applications or project management solutions to support secure document collaboration. In-house staff can work together or with external clients, and content never leaves the system.


Feature Forward

Features matter. Users expect collaboration tools that empower quick changes and easy collaboration — all without the need to leave the current application. PrizmDoc Editor offers everything your staff needs in a unique word processor including:

  • Single-source collaborative document editing within the current application. No more emailing or word processing workarounds required.
  • Track changes and commenting. Make quick edits or tag document areas for further review.
  • Support for multiple browsers including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Spell check and font substitution to streamline document creation and merging.



Own the Look

One of the biggest challenges with third-party collaboration tools? They don’t look or feel like in-house applications. That’s why PrizmDoc Editor’s SDKs and APIs don’t just align easily with existing code — they let you whitelabel the solution.

With PrizmDoc Editor, you don’t have to leave the application you’re using to collaborate on documents with internal or external stakeholders. You can set the security settings within the code and productively work together on different files – all within a tool that looks and feels like your own. You can also match the UI to the look and feel of your application. Integrate your branding and customize your interface. Empower employees by making PrizmDoc Editor a natural extension of current workflows.


Try It Today

Document collaboration and management tools are often light on collaboration — and heavy on the expectation that users will endure out-of-context apps to get the job done. Ready to challenge the collaboration status quo and make life easier for staff, clients, and the C-suite?

Create, integrate, and collaborate where it matters most. Your applications. Contact our sales team to learn more about pricing and on-premise options, or create a free Accusoft cloud account and discover the power of PrizmDoc in the cloud, complete with 300 free transactions.

It’s time for collaboration to match user expectation. Ready? Start here.