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Picture Perfect: Maximizing MRI Image Impact with PICTools Medical

Picture Perfect Maximizing MRI Image Impact with PICTools Medical

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans offer significant benefits for medical exams and diagnosis. As noted by the FDA, “MRI provides better soft tissue contrast than CT and can differentiate better between fat, water, muscle, and other soft tissue.” In addition, MRIs don’t use ionizing radiation, limiting potential side-effects from temporary exposure during scans.

So it’s no surprise that over ten percent of Americans have at least one magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan done every year, according to recent data from The Commonwealth Fund. New MRI technologies are also being developed to improve image accuracy and boost diagnostic efficacy.

As noted by Nature, development is underway on “screen-printed flexible MRI receive coils” that will help improve fit and boost signal-to-noise ratios. Work on AI algorithms, meanwhile, offers the potential to detect cancer via MRI scans instead of using more invasive biopsy techniques.

However, evolving scan techniques aren’t enough in isolation. Medical professionals need applications capable of processing MRI images rapidly, accurately, and in extremely high resolution to maximize the scan’s impact. PICTools Medical offers image compression technology that does just that.


The Healthcare Workflow, Evolved

PICTools Medical helps radiologists and other healthcare professionals streamline their MRI workflow with critical features such as:

  • 12-16 Bit Grey Scale — 8-Bit, 256 shade grey scale is not enough to identify minute changes in MRI imaging required for diagnosis. PICTools Medical offers 12-16 bit grey scale support at extremely high resolution.
  • Rapid Processing — With a user-configurable threads per operation count, organizations can tailor PICTools Medical to their technology needs and maximize processing power.
  • Data Storage and Transfer Standards — MRI images are transmitted and stored with no data loss to ensure complete accuracy.
  • Extended File Support and Modalities — With support for lossy JPEG, JPEG 2000 (parts 1 and 2), JPIP, HDO Photo, and ISO standard JPEG XR, PICTools Medical integrates across multiple scanning solutions including CT scans, MRIs, and XRays.



Healthcare Imaging Technology Options

Speed and specificity both matter. That’s why PICTools Medical is available as part of full-service solution, MERGE PACS, and available on its own. MERGE customers can purchase a PICTools Medical license which enables the full performance of the Accusoft technology in the MERGE solution. Alternatively, Accusoft’s standalone SDK can be incorporated directly into your existing medical application, providing the fastest compression and decompression of medical images.


When Radiology Images Go Awry

The scope and complexity of MRI images means that sometimes, things don’t go as planned. What happens when images return errors or fail to decompress correctly? Key diagnostic indicators could be hidden behind image blurring or artifacts and repeat scans may not be possible.

To help bridge the gap, PICTools Medical provides ongoing support for diagnostic imaging solutions providers. When radiology professionals encounter problems, Accusoft finds solutions. For example, open-source code from Cornell contained an image-encoding bug. Accusoft helps customers when an image cannot be read. We alleviate the issue with non-conformant files to enable correction for the error in decompression. New code has also been added to handle Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) problems with JPEG LS, YCbCR JPEG formats, and emerging TIFF JPEG issues. Accusoft’s industry leading expertise provides tremendous value to customers facing imaging issues within their critical diagnostics medical systems.


Picture Perfect

With MRIs that drive actionable medical insight and support the next generation of magnetic imaging technologies, organizations must upkeep their systems with rapid data compression, lossless transmission, and superior resolution.

PICTools Medical streamlines the process with a solution inside the full-service solution MERGE PACS as well as our customizable SDK with best-in-class support. Maximize your imaging impact. Contact us today to learn more.