Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

Prizm Content Connect's HTML5 document viewer is optimized for viewing documents, such as PDFs and TIFFs, in a browser. Requiring no client-side software downloads, plugins, or ActiveX controls, this zero-footprint viewer is the perfect solution for securely sharing documents with partners, suppliers, or customers when you have no control over their IT infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • Drive operational excellence through a fast mobile viewing solution with an ultra-lightweight desktop option.
  • Create intuitive experiences that enable users to collaborate and make decisions while on-the-go.
  • Move with technology and digital information growth and take your applications on a mobile path.

Installation, Integration and Specifications

  • Server-side install only; no additional software required
  • Windows and Linux systems (64-bit) supported
  • Full API support for integration into any web-based application

HTML5 Viewer Features

Zero-Footprint Content ViewerZero-Footprint Content ViewerTop

This viewer does not require any plug-ins. It relies on functionality built into every HTML5 browser.

  • Keep Users Focused: Allows integrators to build sites that keep the user focused within their application without the need to open third-party software applications.
  • Minimize Security Risks: Security-conscious organizations appreciate the no plug-in, zero-footprint functionality because it trims security risks introduced by third-party software.
  • Simplify IT Admin: No plug-ins means there are fewer tools for IT administrators to maintain, review and update. Because most current browser versions support the necessary HTML5 functionality, IT administrators have the flexibility to choose the best browser for their environment.
Annotation and Redaction ControlsAnnotation and Redaction ControlsTop

The HTML5 viewer enables users to create and edit annotations directly within the zero-footprint user interface.

  • Mobile Friendly: With the popularity of smartphones, business users expect business tools to be available on their phones and tablets. The HTML5 viewer allows users to manipulate and create annotations with their fingertips.
    • Add a text note to a document from a meeting
    • Redact sensitive information from client records
  • Prizm Content Connect Backwards Compatible: The Prizm Content Connect Flash Viewer has supported annotation functionality for years, and the HTML5 viewer does not introduce new formats or technologies that would require you to update your existing content.
  • Support Annotations:
    • Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Text Annotation
  • Supported Redactions:
    • Filled Rectangles, Transparent Rectangles, and Text Annotations
Fully CustomizableFully CustomizableTop
  • Fully Customizable User Interface - Quickly reorganize viewer menus, customize UI with markup and styles
  • Complete API for advanced customization and event tracking
View ControlsView ControlsTop

As with the Flash-based Prizm Content Connect viewer, the HTML5 viewer has controls to manipulate the display of content.

  • Magnifier: Gives users a larger view of content without zooming in on the entire image.
  • Zoom To Select (Rubber Band Zoom, Lasso Zoom): Interested in a particular area of a document? Need to read that fine print? This zoom functionality lets you select the area of interest with your mouse or fingers on touchscreen devices.
  • Pan: After zooming, sometimes the desired content no longer fits the screen. Pan enables you to quickly move around the page to see content outside the frame.
  • Rotation: Tired of tilting your head when one page has landscape content? Rotation turns the content quickly.
  • Fit to: Fit To quickly sizes content to the view area.
Printing Controls and Document DownloadPrinting Controls and Document DownloadTop
  • Print content directly from the HTML5 viewer.
  • Ability to download original document on mobile devices
Mobile Browser FriendlyMobile Browser FriendlyTop

When a user is in a location lacking bandwidth, the viewer can stream content on demand, providing fast display of a view optimized for the user’s display. When the user zooms in or advances the page, the viewer fetches just the data required, keeping performance brisk.

  • Support for responsive web design; ensures that pages incorporating the viewer look great on any screen size
  • New streamlined, context-sensitive menu operation
  • Scrollable page viewing offers an improved and more natural viewing experience on desktop and mobile
Supported Platforms and Browsers
Supported Platforms and Browsers

  • Mobile & Tablet:
    • iOS: Safari, Chrome and Opera Mini
    • Android: Chrome, Dolphin, Opera Mini and Firefox
  • Desktop:
    • Windows: IE 9 & 10, Safari 5, Chrome 21 and Firefox 14 & 15
    • Mac OSX: Safari 5 & 6, Chrome 21, and Firefox 14 & 15