5 Tech Solutions To Share & Manage CAD Drawings Across Your Organization


workers collaborating and sharing cad drawing

CAD drawings pose several unique challenges for document management. They require special software to view, and have several complexities (layers, 3D angles, lighting, etc.) that make converting them to basic image files complicated. With the right technology, though, these challenges can be easily overcome.

Here are 3 of the top challenges IT and document management professionals report facing, with 5 different solutions to these challenges.

Challenge #1: View and markup CAD drawings without installing CAD software

  • Solution 1: Convert CAD drawings to 3D PDFs

    PRC files, sometimes referred to as 3D PDFs, allows users to have a fully 3D experience inside Adobe Acrobat Reader. This makes it easy for users to pan, zoom, and change layers to view all aspects of a CAD drawing.

  • Solution 2: Convert to layered SVG

  • Solution 3: Convert to image with customized camera views

    Converting a 3D CAD drawing to a raster image (eg JPEG) can be frustrating – you often end up with an image that shows the wrong angle, layer, or part of the 3D drawing. More robust software allows you to modify the camera angle and layers before conversion, to ensure the JPEG includes any/all aspects you need to see.

Challenge #2: View CAD files on any device (including mobile)

  • Solution: Convert to SVG for HTML5-friendly viewing

Challenge #3: Make CAD drawings searchable

  • Solution: Extract text from CAD files

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