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This week's Follow Friday articles include Amazon Invests $100 Million in Alexa Voice Tech, NASA Is Sending Microsoft's Most Incredible New Tech Into Space and more.

Amazon Invests $100 Million in Alexa Voice Tech – Sci-Tech Today
By Jennifer LeClaire

With the tech world buzzing about Amazon's Echo, the company is moving quickly to invest in its future. Amazon just launched the Alexa Fund, which will dish out up to $100 million to support manufacturers, developers and entrepreneurs that are working to innovate on products and services that tap into the power of the human voice. Named for Alexa, the cloud-based voice service that powers Amazon Echo, the fund is open to anyone with an next-generation idea for how voice technology can improve our everyday lives. Amazon is specifically looking for novel voice technology applications that tap into the Alexa Skills Kit or the Alexa Voice Service, which also debuted on Thursday.

NASA Is Sending Microsoft's Most Incredible New Tech Into Space – TIME
By Dan Kedmey

NASA will launch two Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headsets into space, the agency revealed on Thursday. They're headed to the final frontier in order to bolster communications between astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and technicians back on earth. The devices are slated to launch on a June 28 SpaceX resupply mission to the ISS. NASA is touting the HoloLens' interactive 3D interface as an effective way to replace verbal instructions with holographic illustrations that can overlay directly onto an astronaut's surroundings.

The Future of Road Rage: Delphi Self-Driving Car Survives Brush With Google Self-Driving Car – PCWorld
By Melissa Riofrio

No further irony need be applied to this story of self-driving car vs. self-driving car. On Tuesday, according to a Reuters report, one of Google's self-driving Lexus RX test vehicles cut off a car as it drove a public street in Mountain View, California. The car it cut off was a self-driving test vehicle from Delphi, a Tier-1 automotive supplier developing its own technology just down the road from Google. Reuters' source for the story was John Absmeier, the director of Delphi Labs in Mountain View. Absmeier was riding in his company's test car when the close encounter with the Google car occurred. Reuters quotes Absmeier as saying the Delphi car “took appropriate action,” and the cars did not actually collide.

Samsung Laptops Are Blocking Crucial Windows Updates – Business Insider
By James Cook
Samsung has been accused of blocking Microsoft updates to its laptops, potentially leaving them vulnerable to hackers exploiting flaws in outdated software. The Next Web reports that Samsung laptops come with their own software update program, which is meant to keep the laptop up-to-date with the latest software. But there’s a problem with Samsung’s update program: It forces laptops to ignore Microsoft’s official Windows updates.

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