Streamline Your Accounts Payable with FormSuite for Invoices


Sales is the top line item on your company's income statement for a reason. Without it, you wouldn't have a business. But getting sales and providing a service to customers isn't the end to a sale.

Once you provide an invoice to a customer there can be a waiting period before you get paid. It's not always because people don't have the money. Companies use unique invoice forms and require different information to provide payment. Some companies need your contract number, purchase order, tax id, or work orders, creating confusion and a backlog of unpaid invoices.

Finding and tracking all of the right numbers is tedious and difficult. It's no wonder why accounts payable can run into hordes of invoices stacked on their desks.

With Accusoft's FormSuite for Invoices, you can alleviate all of the burdens and stress that come with invoices. FormSuite comes with Accusoft's ScanFix Xpress and Smartzone.

ScanFix Xpress enables you to automatically clean up and correct your scanned invoices. Scanfix can clean up noise like hole punches, remove lines from invoices so numbers and information that are illegible can be read, automatically rotate your invoices for correct orientation, and much more. All of these features greatly improve the OCR accuracy of these documents, enabling clean and stress-free text extraction. With ScanFix Xpress, employees can be certain that pertinent information isn't lost in the scanning process.

Working with ScanFix Xpress, SmartZone empowers users to capture data from form fields, regardless of whether they were typed or handwritten. When you scan in your invoices, you will have work order numbers, contract numbers, and more automatically extracted for use in your database. You can rest assured that all of the information you need is ready at your disposal.

The manual invoice process costs companies $22 per invoice. Every step in the accounts payable process, from manually entering information into company repositories to entering the same information into the general ledger, add to this cost. Implementing an invoice capture process is paramount to creating a productive accounts payable department. Integrating FormSuite for Invoices will streamline your invoice process and resolve stress intensified by handling hundreds, if not thousands, of documents.

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