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Document Conversion for Sales Enablement


Sales Enablement

When a salesman is in the field, finding efficient ways to share information is crucial. However, many industries are heavily regulated, and to keep compliant, they need ways to share sales enablement documents securely. 

For example, a pharmaceutical representative needs to make sure that the doctor receiving specific information about the product has secure access to the data they need. This means that this data can’t be emailed or printed. 

Reps are now sharing content remotely or in-person from iPads. They are able to safely transmit information to doctors about their products, with security being a top priority. They needed the ability to convert multiple file types to a secure PDF, and they needed it inside of their secure software. 

Sales Enablement:  Secure Information Sharing

That’s where Accusoft’s client, vablet, excels. Using PrizmDoc Cloud’s conversion API, vablet helps reps like these present their products with confidence. vablet’s software enables users to leverage information on-the-go with or without internet connection, and using PrizmDoc Cloud’s integrated conversion API, they can now support over 200 file types, including video.

After searching for a solution to address security concerns, vablet knew that its software needed a secure conversion solution to support professionals in heavily regulated environments. 

“Our immediate pain point was making content universally available on all platforms. We’re developers, so we could have built the functionality to convert Word to PDF, and try to do the same for all the other file types, but it makes no sense to build multiple conversion routes when there’s a robust solution already available,” says Paul Pacun, CEO of vablet. 

When vablet found Accusoft, the company knew it needed best-in-class conversion to add to its application. vablet uses Microsoft Azure for development, while Accusoft uses AWS. However, the teams worked together to modify the integration with the help of Accusoft’s skilled support engineers.

Together, vablet and Accusoft tweaked the system in a matter of days and they were able to implement conversion in the software, and put it into production quickly. Now clients that share sensitive materials can disable downloading. They can generate, modify, attach, and send information securely.

Building More Together

Now that vablet uses Accusoft’s PrizmDoc Cloud conversion API, the benefits are numerous. Providing an advantage in the field, vablet helps salespeople transform the customer relationship with secure access to content, videos, fillable forms, and more. In fact, the most common conversion used by clients converts Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to PDF.

Since adding PrizmDoc Cloud’s conversion API into the application, vablet has since found more opportunities for enhancement. Salespeople often need to take similar documents and compile information to share with their prospects. For example, contracts often need to have specific information related to specific clients, but are generally similar in nature. 

Since one of the three foundations of vablet is compliance, Pacun saw an opportunity to help his clients create contracts easily in a secure environment. How will salespeople create files and share them securely without a tool for document viewing and assembly? Accusoft’s newest product, PrizmDoc Editor provides this security. 

The two companies are currently working together to add a secure document viewing and assembly function to vablet. This option will help vablet clients do everything related to their sales process all in one platform. To learn more about vablet, visit