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Use Case: How PrizmDoc’s Bulk Redactions Helped Streamline eDiscovery

LegalTech Bulk Redaction

Time is critical when it comes to the eDiscovery process. Legal teams often find themselves scanning through multiple documents in search of sensitive content that needs to be redacted. Without the right redaction capabilities, they can end up wasting valuable time removing information by hand and still run the risk of overlooking important material. That’s why a leading LegalTech developer turned to PrizmDoc’s bulk redaction feature to enhance their eDiscovery platform.

What is Bulk Redaction?

Redaction is the process of blacking out or removing text from a document. It’s often used to protect sensitive information, such as names, account numbers, or contract details. Redaction is frequently done manually, but it’s a time-consuming process that can easily lead to mistakes. That’s why many legal teams turn to software tools to help with the redaction process and other document management tasks.

Bulk redaction is a special feature that makes it easy to quickly remove sensitive information across multiple documents at once. This approach can save a lot of time compared to manually redacting each document one by one. It also ensures that all sensitive information is removed from the documents, eliminating the risk of someone overlooking something that should have been redacted.

Use Case: Redaction and eDiscovery Software

LegalTech developers frequently use third party API-based document processing integrations to add powerful viewing and editing capabilities to their eDiscovery applications. Redaction is a particularly vital feature for customers in the legal industry because they need to remove various forms of sensitive information from contracts and other documents. This content can include names, trade secrets, personally identifiable information (PII), privileged communications, or other confidential information.

When the developer of a leading eDiscovery platform needed to implement a bulk redaction feature that would allow their customers to easily redact content across multiple documents, they turned to Accusoft’s PrizmDoc. In addition to its extensive viewing, annotation, and conversion capabilities, PrizmDoc features powerful document search and redaction tools that the Accusoft team could customize to meet the developer’s specific needs.

What the developer really needed was a way to locate terms and content in multiple documents stored in their database and then implement various redaction types without having to open each document individually. PrizmDoc’s search capabilities allowed them to determine which documents contained specific terms and then narrow the results further by searching for entire passages that needed to be redacted. After flagging sensitive content with a search, a simple click of a button redacts that content from every relevant document in the database.

PrizmDoc’s bulk redaction capabilities also work with the eDiscovery software to automatically identify and remove PII without having to perform a manual search. This quick and easy feature helps legal teams save even more time when preparing documents for sharing or distribution. All redactions can be assigned a specific reason that explains why the content was removed, and PrizmDoc can remove redactions if something was scrubbed from a document by mistake.

Customer Benefits of PrizmDoc Bulk Redactions

Implementing PrizmDoc provided the customer’s eDiscovery platform with a flexible array of advanced document processing tools without the hassle of having to build them from scratch. With proven viewing and redaction features in place, the development team could focus instead on delivering an elegant, intuitive interface that enhanced the platform’s user experience. eDiscovery customers can now easily apply bulk redactions with a few simple clicks, saving countless hours of document review and eliminating the manual errors associated with manual redactions.

From the customer’s perspective, bulk redactions are now a seamless part of their eDiscovery workflow. They can feel confident that any sensitive information is removed before documents are shared, and they can quickly undo any redactions that were made by mistake. The end result is a more efficient document review process that helps legal teams save time and energy while ensuring that confidential information stays out of the wrong hands.

How PrizmDoc Enhances eDiscovery Applications

PrizmDoc’s document processing capabilities are the perfect complement to any eDiscovery application. By integrating PrizmDoc, developers can quickly add powerful document viewing, annotation, and conversion features to their applications with just a few lines of code. In addition, developers can take advantage of PrizmDoc’s wide range of customization options to tailor the solution to the specific needs of their customers. With PrizmDoc, there’s no need to sacrifice quality or performance when adding document processing capabilities to an eDiscovery application.

In addition to bulk redaction, PrizmDoc also offers eDiscovery customers a number of other benefits, including:

  • The ability to open and view dozens of file types in the browser, including PDF, TIFF, Microsoft Office, and more
  • Powerful conversion capabilities that allow users to save documents in more than 50 file formats for easy sharing or distribution
  • Flexible deployment options that can be adapted to any workflow, whether on-premise or in the cloud
  • Advanced security features like watermarking, encryption, and password protection to keep documents safe and secure

For a first-hand look at how PrizmDoc can enhance your LegalTech eDiscovery application, you can demo features on our website. If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into how you can implement those features into your software, start a free trial today or talk to one of our solutions specialists.

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