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Introducing Accusoft PDF Viewer: A Free JavaScript PDF Library

Developers face many challenges when it comes to incorporating PDF support into their applications. Although modern web browsers can easily view PDFs and there’s no shortage of free viewing programs, relying on these options can create significant problems. Native browser viewing not only has the potential to expose the PDF’s content to an outside source, but also makes it incredibly difficult to control what viewers can do with documents. 

External, third-party programs that exist outside an application framework introduce similar control issues. Users must download the document before they can view it, which introduces security and version confusion risks. 

Additionally, existing PDF viewing integrations are often unwieldy and difficult to deploy quickly enough to meet developer needs. Some solutions also come with resource-intensive server dependencies that can impact application performance.

And then there’s mobile functionality to consider. Mobile devices account for roughly 50 percent of global internet traffic, which means that web applications need to be able to provide a PDF viewing experience that works equally well on mobile and desktop if they’re going to survive in a competitive marketplace. Unfortunately, many PDF libraries are designed to accommodate only one or the other, which puts developers in a difficult situation.

Add Responsive Viewing in a Snap with Accusoft PDF Viewer

That’s why the team at Accusoft has been hard at work developing a brand new solution that allows developers to integrate powerful PDF features into their applications quickly and easily. The new Accusoft PDF Viewer is a JavaScript PDF library that delivers high-quality viewing and out-of-the-box mobile functionality without any need for server configurations. Lightweight and easy to implement, developers can plug this PDF file viewer into their application with just a few lines of code and spend their time deploying its features rather than struggling with installation.

Once implemented, Accusoft PDF Viewer is an entirely client-side deployment. No additional servers or browser plugins are needed, which keeps web applications running fast. It also eliminates the potential security vulnerabilities and lack of control that comes with relying on external, third-party programs for PDF viewing. 

And the best part? Developers can download, implement, and use Accusoft PDF Viewer at absolutely no cost. That’s right, this cutting edge JavaScript PDF viewer is completely free-to-use. No trial periods, no conditions. Just powerful, secure viewing capabilities for your web-based applications.

Accusoft PDF Viewer Features

Despite being incredibly lightweight in terms of code and installation requirements, Accusoft PDF Viewer also provides several essential viewing features that developers can integrate into their applications.

Responsive UI for Mobile Viewing

Many PDF libraries struggle to provide a quality viewing experience on mobile devices and touchscreens. This is especially true of leading open source solutions, which were originally designed to support desktop viewing. Accusoft PDF Viewer’s responsive UI adapts to the characteristics of the user’s screen, easily shifting between a point and click desktop interface to a simplified, touch-oriented mobile display.

High-Quality Image Rendering

Thanks to our expertise with image processing, we’ve designed Accusoft PDF Viewer to adjust rendered images as the user zooms in. This ensures image quality remains crisp and clear regardless of zoom level. It also renders sharp text on high DPI screen displays to provide a consistently superior viewing experience across multiple devices.

Powerful Text Search

Whether you’re searching for a word on a single page form or a lengthy contract, Accusoft PDF Viewer’s search engine provides near-instantaneous results. Find key terms and phrases quickly thanks to full-text search functionality that surveys the entire document in a snap to provide the rapid results you need to keep workflows moving efficiently.

Intuitive Controls

Both desktop and mobile viewing interfaces provide a range of interactive UI controls. Jump to specific pages, pan, print pages, or switch to a full screen view with ease. Pinch to zoom is also incorporated as part of Accusoft PDF Viewer’s out-of-the-box mobile support.

And There’s Much More to Come

We’ve only scratched the surface of this JavaScript PDF library’s potential. As a continuously evolving solution, Accusoft PDF Viewer will soon be rolling out additional capabilities as part of a full-featured paid offering to help developers further expand their PDF support. 

Some of these upcoming features include:

  • Annotation
  • eSignature
  • Form Support
  • Angular and React Components
  • UI Customization and Whitelabeling
  • And More!

To learn about these upcoming features, please contact us for more information.

Of course, the best way to learn more about Accusoft PDF Viewer is to simply try it for yourself. Download this free PDF viewing library today and see first-hand how it can enhance your application’s viewing capabilities without compromising performance.