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Introducing New Server-Side APIs in PrizmDoc Editor

server side api


Accusoft designed PrizmDoc Editor for organizations that are building their own web applications but still need a solution to handle document assembly and editing from within their applications. Our customers have been leveraging this web-based document editor integration solution to build their next big solution quickly and economically. 

Using our flexible set of APIs to create custom functionality, integrators are able to efficiently address end-user needs like streamlining and automating contract management services or reducing the turnaround time of legal document collaboration. They can keep their customer data on their own servers to ensure compliance, and make document assembly and editing look like a true part of their application with white-label options.

New APIs

Today, we’re excited to announce two new server-side APIs aimed at giving customers even more control over how PrizmDoc Editor behaves in their custom applications. 

  • The ability to programmatically retrieve the raw text of a Word document
    • This server-side API extracts text in a given DOCX file as a single string of Unicode characters, useful for passing text to another API service. 
  • The ability to programmatically insert comments into a document at specific locations
    • This server-side API accepts as an input parameter the location to place a comment (as a character offset from the beginning of the text) and the comment text. 
    • The location parameter will correspond to the text as returned by the API above. 

To illustrate how these APIs can be put into practice, here’s a use case of one of our legal solution partners. The raw text of a contract is extracted and then sent to a preprocessing function in their app that analyzes the content to determine if it includes required legal terminology. Once the content analysis is complete, an editing session is started and the app programmatically inserts comments in the appropriate position and adds the recommended contractual clauses in the comments box.

The user can review the contract and see the recommendations from the app, make changes in the body of contract, and also insert their own comments. Comments from users and from the app are noted as different profiles so users can tell them apart. Once everyone is in agreement, comments are resolved, changes are accepted, recommendations are inserted, and the final contract is ready to be exported.

To learn more about the common use cases for PrizmDoc Editor, including document assembly,editing, contract redlining, and negotiation, try our online demo here. When you’re ready for the next steps, you can request a trial key to evaluate PrizmDoc Editor in your own environment. 


Kim Rubinsak

Kim Rubinsak, Senior Product Marketing Manager, PrizmDoc Suite

Kim joined Accusoft in 2018 as a Senior Product Marketing Manager, providing marketing support for the PrimzDoc Suite of products. Kim received two master degrees in marketing and business administration from the University of Tampa. She has a passion for fostering collaboration across organizations by breaking down departmental silos and learning more about her colleagues as people, how they communicate, and what motivates them. In her free time, Kim enjoys making art, boxing, and snuggling with her dog Khloe.