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PDF Functionality: Do You Need API Assistance?

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Digital transformation is now essential for enterprise success, but it’s not always easy. Companies continue to look for ways to deliver on digital transformation initiatives that offer both specific solutions and broadly-applicable outcomes. As noted by Forbes, this can confuse whether to use existing assets or purchase evolving tools. For example, take PDF functionality. 

Despite the emergence of cloud-based document formats that deliver editing and collaboration functionality without the need for file conversion, PDFs remain popular among enterprise users for their versatility and familiarity. Organizations need solutions capable of managing PDF editing, compression, collaboration, and conversion on a larger scale. 

Application programming interfaces (APIs), can deliver comprehensive PDF functionality within software applications. Let’s explore their benefits.

Exploring API Advantages

Increased complexity is a common complaint across digital transformation initiatives. APIs offer a way to meet this challenge head-on as they are purpose-built to allow communication between disparate applications. Other benefits include:

  • Flexibility: APIs exposed via HTTP have no restriction on what programming language a developer uses.
  • Consistency: APIs allow for replicable functions to be delivered rapidly with reliability and predictability.
  • Simplicity: APIs let your product or service communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented.

Accusoft’s PrizmDoc makes it easy to incorporate new PDF functionality into existing applications. For example, they require only a REST-compatible language to deliver a variety of PDF web services from high-fidelity Office conversion and form detection to adding annotations and burning in redactions.

Eliminating the Document Divide

Users have high expectations for digital transformation. They expect new tools and technologies to simply work, without negatively impacting performance or increasing overall complexity. These expectations are no different when it comes to bridging the document divide. Companies want the ability to use familiar formats such as PDF, but layer on cutting-edge functionality such as conversion, compression, annotation, and redaction. 

Accusoft’s PrizmDoc PDF API offers an approach to perfecting PDF potential and eliminating the gap between existing forms and emerging functions, with on-demand options backed by the ease of integration.

Integrating PDF Functionality with Accusoft

For over 30 years, Accusoft has helped organizations add essential features like viewing, file conversion, document assembly, and image compression to their applications through an innovative line of SDKs and APIs. 

Our document lifecycle technologies are backed by multiple patents and have been incorporated successfully into a wide range of applications. Accusoft’s dedicated engineers provide ongoing support and work closely with customers to implement their specific use cases, ensuring that their software platform is delivering the best possible experience.

To learn more about integrating PDF editing with Accusoft, talk to one of our technology experts today.