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How PrizmDoc Editor Solved Canopy’s FinTech Document Assembly Challenges

FinTech document assembly

Building a successful software application involves quite a lot of complex problem solving. Developers must often cope with challenges that lay outside their direct area of expertise or implement features they did not plan on building themselves. With tight development deadlines looming and the pressure on to get products to market quickly, software teams frequently turn to trusted partners to help them implement reliable solutions so they can continue to focus on the innovative features that will help their application stand out from the competition.

Accusoft has spent three decades helping developers overcome these challenges by providing image and document processing integrations that allow teams to implement the features they need quickly without compromising their budgets or timelines. That’s why when Canopy needed to incorporate document assembly and editing tools into their automated tax resolution platform, we were able to provide the ideal functionality for their customers.

Canopy’s Document Assembly Challenge

Canopy’s FinTech solution allows their clients to streamline the tax resolution process by providing tools that recognize multiple IRS notices and automatically generate a response letter. Accounting firms frequently deploy an average of eight to ten distinct software applications to manage their workflows, so Canopy’s ability to consolidate many of those tasks into a single platform is an attractive alternative. When an organization receives an IRS notice, Canopy’s software quickly matches it to a template that indicates what information is being requested. The system then assigns the request a number and generates a response letter that auto-populates the necessary information. 

After investing heavily in the sophisticated technology to drive this automation process, Canopy found that building the document assembly and editing tools needed to create those responses would take substantial time and effort. More importantly, it would require a high level of ongoing maintenance. What they needed was an integration that could be implemented quickly so their development team could focus on improving the core functionality.

“We looked at a number of different companies who provided document editing,” said Chandler Love, Senior Product Manager for Canopy. “We looked at open source and paid solutions all across the market because we knew exactly what we were looking for.”

What they were looking for was an integration that provided the familiar interface and functionality of Microsoft Office (MSO). That’s because 90 percent of their customers already used an MSO product and Canopy wanted to provide something they would be familiar with.

Accusoft’s Solution

Canopy’s research quickly led them to Accusoft’s PrizmDoc Editor document assembly and editing integration. The FinTech developer was already using the PrizmDoc Cloud API service to handle document conversion, so a good relationship was in place to begin the integration process. 

“We decided to use PrizmDoc Editor to autofill the client’s information into the tax resolution letter and populate any other relevant case information,” Love explained.

With its ability to programmatically extract text from multiple sources and insert it into the appropriate places in a document, PrizmDoc Editor proved to be an ideal fit for Canopy’s use case. The developer began working with the Accusoft team to ensure that the integration would go as smoothly as possible. After testing PrizmDoc Editor in their environment to build a proof of concept, the Canopy team pushed ahead with full implementation.

“Accusoft developers were on the phone talking to Canopy developers, and that was a great resource to have,” Love recalled. “It was one of the smoother integrations that I’ve been involved with.”

Tracking the Results

Of course, integrating a software solution is only the first step in a larger business process. Canopy still had to find out how their customers would respond to PrizmDoc Editor’s document assembly features. Over the next several months, they tracked Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and monitored product adoption metrics to judge how it was performing and determine whether the market was accepting the latest version. 

The response proved quite positive, as Canopy saw a major improvement in product performance and customer feedback. Online promotional events to show off the new features enjoyed heavy traffic, driving home the conclusion that PrizmDoc Editor delivered clear value to the platform.

What Can PrizmDoc Editor Do For You?

PrizmDoc Editor is an API-based document assembly integration for content automation software. Its ability to programmatically locate text from a variety of sources based on a number of parameters (exact matching, regular expressions, and fuzzy search) and then insert that information by replacing placeholder text in a template allows applications to quickly generate new documents without using error-prone manual processes. Once documents are prepared, those same programmatic search features can be used to review them for missing information.

In addition to document assembly, PrizmDoc Editor also provides a variety of document editing tools that mimic the form and functionality of familiar word processing applications. Developers can incorporate these editing features into their application to give users the ability to edit documents without relying on external dependencies. Rather than downloading or sharing a copy of a prepared file during the review process, which can result in security breaches or version confusion, the latest version can be shared for editing and markup within the secure application.

To learn more about how Canopy used PrizmDoc Editor to implement automated document assembly for tax resolution, download our case study. If you’re ready to see what PrizmDoc Editor can do in your own environment, you can start a free trial today by downloading a ready-to-run Docker image that contains everything you need to get started.