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PrizmDoc Editor: The Three C’s

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Digital documents are now the enterprise expectation, but making the digital transition isn’t enough. As IT Pro Portal puts it, companies often reach the “good enough” stage when documents are stored on local stacks and shared via popular public services, then turn their attention elsewhere. The increasing need for effective document security, reliable access regulation, and enhanced digital customization means that just going digital isn’t making it to the finish line. It’s the start of something bigger.

Maximizing the impact of digital documents without compromising file or network security demands a triple-threat solution, one capable of compiling, controlling, and customizing documents on-demand. This makes up the three c’s of PrizmDoc Editor.

1) Compile: Document Assembly

One key benefit of document digitisation? Critical data is centralized, reducing the amount of time staff spend searching multiple digital and physical repositories for specific forms or files.

One potential drawback? Duplication. Massive document volumes paired with limited search parameters can quickly frustrate users looking for single files or forms. Creating and saving yet another version of the same document often saves time up-front, but causes more problems down the line.

Accusoft’s PrizmDoc Editor delivers the critical collaboration and compilation tools necessary to streamline document management and effectively leverage digital data storehouses. Need to collaborate on a critical document? Using PrizmDoc Editor’s unified platform, all users can complete and save edits on the same document instead of emailing or uploading changes back-and-forth.

Need to leverage key portions of existing forms to create new content? PrizmDoc’s REST APIs make it possible to quickly identify and assemble sections of pre-existing text into new, editable documents. This offers the best of both worlds. Documents are assembled at scale and speed without users wasting time searching for exact matches or duplicating workloads.

2) Control: Document Editing

Many online document editing tools now offer multi-file support, simple font substitution, commenting, hyperlinking, and the ability to track changes. The issue is that these tools require users to edit and collaborate on documents outside the secure corporate network. Some enterprises tackle this issue by creating in-house collaboration and editing apps, but for most businesses the effort and spending required to build something from the ground up outweighs the potential benefit.

PrizmDoc Editor bridges the gap. Along with a full-featured editing platform, PrizmDoc Editor easily integrates with existing SaaS and on-premise applications. This solves the build problem. Companies get the functionality they need without developing an app from scratch, but more importantly, it allows users to view, edit, assemble, and share documents securely.

For any company now handling health, financial, or private consumer data, this kind of control is a must-have. Regulatory agencies and new legislation apply “due diligence” standards to any data storage, transmission, or use. If publicly-available editors experience a security breach, organizations that own document data, not solution providers, are held responsible. The best bet? Control and create documents exclusively within your own environment.

3) Customize: White-Labeling and Configuration

Customization matters. While online editing tools provide the basic features needed to modify and share documents, companies are bound by their rules: toolbars, menus, and other interface items are often immutable and always branded with provider labels.

With PrizmDoc Editor, stock is just a starting point. This tool makes it easy to white label and remove all reference to PrizmDoc Editor on the UI. Configure the stock interface so it suits your needs:

  • Group and organize menu items where and how you want them
  • Reorganize or remove toolbar items
  • Use separators to create visual groups

Also worth noting? Because most of the processing work is handled in-browser, the PrizmDoc server demands minimal resources for deployment and management.

Digitisation is just the first step. Compilation, control, and customization are now critical for companies to develop document management strategies that both embrace digital transformation and empower users to securely collaborate, share, and edit on-demand.

Ready to do more with your documents? Take a test drive of PrizmDoc Editor today.