3 Ways IT Plays a Role in E-Discovery


IT in E-Discovery

Information technology processes are an important part of effectively managing electronically stored information (ESI) during the e-discovery process. Litigators today must comply with a number of regulations when it comes to e-discovery, and meeting these requirements should be a coordinated internal effort between the legal and IT departments.

There are 3 vital ways that IT plays a role in the e-discovery process:

  1. IT is responsible for ensuring that its policies and protocols support the data retention and access regulation needs of the firm
  2. The IT team needs to find ways to simplify data capture as firms incorporate more advanced tools and resources into the e-discovery process.
  3. The IT department should help the firm choose a strategic e-discovery tool that offers important features like advanced search and auto redaction.

As ESI standards continue to evolve, IT will remain an important part of the e-discovery process. If you want to dive a little deeper into IT's role in electronic information discovery, continue reading on Legal Tech News.

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