html5 document viewer, cloud based

that provides full-featured HTML5 document viewing and control using our cloud services API’s

There are 3 ways to use the cloud version of the Prizm Viewer.

If you are looking for the self-hosted Prizm Content Connect version click here.

option 1.   embed code

Use the Configurator to generate HTML to drop into your page. Just fill in the URL of your file and choose a few settings, and the cloud service shows code for you to copy and paste into your site. You can also apply simple parameters for customizing the viewer’s appearance, adding encryption for security, controlling how slideshows play and more.

you can use the color wheel below to choose your colors for the different parts of the interface or enter a hex color value into each input field.

Make your viewer even more dynamic using your favorite programming language by adding variables to the code.

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option 2.   integrate using the api

To more extensively customize the viewer appearance and behavior, utilize the Accusoft Cloud Services (ACS) APIs to integrate the viewer within your web application. The ACS API allows users to incorporate Accusoft SDKs and services into their own software and websites via RESTful cloud services. The ACS API is served with little to no changes from other web service offerings, like PCC, with the minor additions of HTTPS requirements and ACS API keys.

  1. create an account

    Go to https://www.accusoft.com/portal. If you already have an account, then, just log in. Create your account by either logging in with one of the third-party providers: Google, Yahoo, or Facebook, or by following the create your account link (your information will be stored within our customer database only).

  2. get your key

    Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your profile page. On the top of the screen will be several links that allow you to manage our products. Click on the link for “My Keys”. Your ACS key is just one global key that will grant access to all of our products exposed through ACS. Save this value for the next section.

  3. get some sample code


  4. read the documentation

    Refer to the ACS API User Documentation for more details on API usage.

option 3.   integrate using plugins

  1. Log into WordPress Admin
  2. Click on Plugins menu, click Add New
  3. Click Upload (right under title next to ‘Search’ and ‘Featured’)
  4. Choose the prizmcloud.zip and click Install Now
  5. Click on Installed Plugins
  6. Click Activate under the Prizm Viewer
  7. login or create an accountGo to https://accusoft.com/portal.

  1. Login into Joomla! Administration and navigate to Extension Manager.
  2. You will see something similar to ‘Upload Package File’.
  3. Select the PrizmCloud-JoomlaX.X.zip file and install.
  4. Within the Plug-in Manager, find Content – PrizmCloud Document Viewer and Button – PrizmCloud Document Viewer and enable both plugins.
  5. Within the Content – PrizmCloud Viewer Plugin Basic Options, add your PrizmCloud Key
sugar crm.

Simply install our Prizm Viewer module into your SugarCRM system to give your end-users the ability to view dozens of document types on any device, directly from SugarCRM, without requiring them to download the documents.

get the sugar crm module