Uplevl Improves Document Management with PrizmDoc Viewer

Document management solutions help large and small businesses to electronically transfer data quickly, collaborate with other teammates, and automate approval processes. Digital data capture and data management help end-users become more productive and effective. In 2008, DataFlow Technologies, the creator of Uplevl, decided to move its internal computer system to the cloud for greater reliability, flexibility, and security. PrizmDoc Viewer is integrated into the Uplevl platform to help users approve and revise documents once the content is retrieved.

About the Client

Uplevl (a successor to Docassist, founded in 2002) was one of the first document management cloud-based, subscription services. Since then, Uplevl has expanded its business process automation offerings, providing leading solutions for AP automation, AR automation, and contract management. Uplevl continues to be a leader in providing practical software solutions for mid-sized businesses in tech, healthcare, fitness, property management, restaurants, and other businesses and nonprofits.

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At the end of the day, we were spending a lot of money on licensing for different things we didn’t need. This is a true testament to your product because we focus solely on core needs. We needed a viewer, and PrizmDoc Viewer has since become a cornerstone of Uplevl. It’s there; it’s solid; it works.
Mark Landis, Chairman, Uplevl
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DataFlow Technologies knew that enabling PrizmDoc Viewer into the Uplevl software was the right decision. Users are able to efficiently view and collaborate on documents in the Uplevl repository. PrizmDoc Viewer enhanced the value of Uplevl by providing its customers with a secure way to view and collaborate on documents.
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